HAZUS® MH Flood Model Developer

Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA) 

ABS Consulting is the developer for the HAZUS® MH Flood Model. This product is designed to produce loss estimates for use by federal, state, regional and local governments, and private enterprises in planning for risk mitigation, emergency preparedness, response, and recovery. 

HAZUS® MH comes complete with methodology to analyze earthquakes, flood, and hurricane winds. The methodology deals with nearly all aspects of the built environment, and a wide range of different types of losses. Extensive national databases are embedded within HAZUS® MH, containing information such as demographic aspects of the population in a study region, square footage for different occupancies of buildings, and numbers and locations of bridges. Embedded parameters have been included as needed.  

Using this information, users can carry out general loss estimates for a region. The HAZUS® MH methodology and software are flexible enough so that locally developed inventories and other data that more accurately reflect the local environment can be substituted, resulting in increased accuracy.